Ellen and Patty are the only ones who like to publish their services and prices.
*Please note that extra time or extra product has an extra charge.
Women's Cut & Style $26
Men's Cut  $18
Introductory Price for 1 Hour Massage or Facial $36
Shampoo & Style  $18
Color, Cut & Dry  $54
Highlights, Cut & Dry  $58
Foil 1 Color Highlights & Cut  $68
Foil 2 Color Highlights & Cut  $78
Perm, Cut & Dry  $60
Stress Relieving Facial  (1 hour - includes relaxing massage on the face, hands, arms, head, neck, shoulders & scalp)  $52
                           (1 hour & 1/2 -  Deluxe Facial with extra massaging)   $72
Men's Stress Relieving Facial (1 hour - includes relaxing massage on the face, hands, arms, head, neck, shoulders & scalp) $52
Back Massage (30 minutes)  $30 Relaxing massage all done by hand (no forearms or elbows),   (60 Minutes)  $52
Massage Package (1 hour) This  service includes a soothing Back Massage, finishing with the stress relieving Neck & Shoulder Massage. I offer different genres of music to listen to, including slow classic rock (very popular with the men)  $60.
Hand & Arm Massage  (25 Minutes)   $20 (this is a popular service to get while you wait for your color to process!)
6 Week Body & Texture, Cut & Style  $58
6 Week Keratin Smoothing Treatment, Cut & Style  $58
Malibu Treatment for buildup removal (from hard water, hairspray & gel, or chlorine)  $18
Eyebrow Waxing  $8 as an add-on service ($10 single service)
Lip Waxing  $6 as an add-on service  ($8 single service)
Back Waxing   $50  (includes 10 minutes of skin calming back massage after waxing)
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*Please note that extra time or extra product has an extra charge.
Pedicure $35 (1 hour service in the massaging spa chair with soak, trim nails, cuticles, scrub calluses, knee to toe massage, and polish in a private room)
Manicure  $20 (1 hour service with soak in warm lotion, file nails, and trim cuticles, elbow to fingertip massage, and polish)
Shellac Manicure $25  (1 hour and a half service includes soak off, file nails, cuticles, gel polish application, then massage with lotion)
Half Hour Manicure   $15   (same as the Manicure, excluding the massage)
Wax Manicure   $25   ( same as the Manicure, plus a 10 minute paraffin wax treatment. Great for arthritis and dry skin)
Full Set with Tips ( Gel Nails or Acrylics)  $30
Overlay on Natural Nails   $25
Fills (includes 2 repairs)   $25
Hand massage (10 minutes)   $10.00
Buff & Plish   ( file nails, trim cutucles, and polish)   $10
Nail Repair   $5 per nail
French Polish   (add on)   + $5
Nail Art   (add on)   + $2  and up, depending on detail
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